Anybody tried eleventy with tailwind?

I just signed up for the learn eleventy from scratch course last week. i am done till and including lesson 13.

Just wondering if anybody working on eleventy with tailwind css

I use Eleventy and TailwindCSS for all my websites.
The 6 first websites on my portfolio (and also my portfolio) use it:

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What’s ur recommendation for someone who comes from a purely backend developer back ground to pick up and use both?

I should finish the course by end of year going by my pace

As I’m a pure frontend dev, I can’t really give any specific recommendations for your background.

You can check my Blog Starter if you want, it’s been archived but you’ll still be able to see how you could use 11ty and TailwindCSS.

I want to create another starter with an easier setup but didn’t find the time yet.

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Got it. Thanks for the blog starter. Yes it seems to be a useful reference