Course delivery

Hi @hankchizljaw, I’m interested in how you’re going to deliver the 11ty course. Have you developed a dedicated site/system to deliver the content or will you be leaning on a third-party learning platform? If it’s the former, will you be talking about it - how it’s built, etc - or possibly open sourcing it?

Reason I ask is that there are rumblings of a drive towards more structured e-learning offerings at work. The default assumption is we’ll use Moodle as we’ve used that before and my team has some experience with it. Given the requirements, it may have to be that, but I’m still really interested in what can be done using 11ty and/or a Jamstack approach. Might even be able to do something using Moodle backend data as it has a REST API - looking forward to exploring 11ty on your course! :smiley:

Any thoughts?


Good question!

All of the content will be 11ty powered. I’ll be using some service worker magic, mixed with a secret premium build of the site and the back-end API to send premium content to people who have bought it.

It’s a similar setup to

Am I right in thinking you or Heydon wrote about that setup at one point? I have a vague recollection but can’t find anything… ?

Update: found it!

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Yeh that’s it! Some weird-assed Express JS business going on.

In today’s stream for preorder folks, I’m doing some service worker stuff around this, so you’ll probs find it interesting.

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