CSS: what do you wish you had a deeper knowledge of?

I’m working on new content for the site and one thing I’m thinking of doing some content that helps people really understand how CSS works. I’m thinking this sort of thing where I explained how box sizing works.

The question to you folks is: what do you wish you had a deeper knowledge of in CSS?

Grid and flexbox.

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Haha that minimum character thing is so silly

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Why Chrome can’t implement subgrid before I grow old and die, really.

Seriously though, I need to dive deeper into aspect-ratio. I was trying to use it even with minimal support last night and thigns were just not going according to plan.

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I think once chromium get that LayoutNG stuff sorted, we’ll see a flurry of layout stuff like subgrid and gap

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I often find myself struggling a little bit when trying to combine any two of Custom Properties, calc() and transforms. Trying to do a calculation in a transformation with Custom Properties gets me all tied up and confused, and leaves me either trying every combination I can think of until something works or trawling through old projects/codepens.

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I think this may be what you’re looking for @accudio https://css-tricks.com/making-custom-properties-css-variables-dynamic/

I currently do this with a small little CSS Design System I just did for the heck of it here.