Error in xml feed with eleventy rssplugin

In the eleventy course I’m at the RSS feed section. However, I stumble upon an issue where a blank line gets added to the first line of the XML file and therefor errors out.
I guess it’s because of the blank line after the frontmatter… (vscode does this on save…)
Anybody an idea on how to fix this ? rssPlugin? vscode ?

Tweet with screenshots

Fixed it for now by disabling // “editor.formatOnSave”: true in VSCode, but was wondering if anybody else has a better solution.

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Ah that’s annoying! I’d probably turn to a paste transform but I’m wary of adding that to the course.

I’ll have a think. Thanks Tom!

Hi, there. I’ve just hit this issue as well. Did you have to turn off formatOnSave for everything, essentially disabling Prettier or could you be more discreet in the settings?