Issue #39 theme: Personal Sites. Share your favourite personal sites!

I’m enjoying making themed issues, like #37 and #38, so I want to carry on with that this week. I’m on the hunt for your favourite personal sites, so if you have one, post a link here :point_down:

This is amazing :


Hell yeh it is! I’m a superfan of Sarah’s work

Besides mine? Does it have to be an 11ty site? I like this one, unfortunately it is a bit inaccessible. I reached out to offer to fix it if they wanted to hire me and never heard back or are a few of my favorites but they’re not personal sites.

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Dave Perkins site is really nice:

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Andy, you recently mentioned Stephanie Eckles’ Style Stage site in issue #50.
So I’ve been watching that.
Now I’m enamoured of your particular style on Piccalilli + Issue 33 - feels both retro & modern at same time.
And I noticed Claudine Ong just showcased a similar style on Style Stage, called “Drafter”
I can’t see Claudine’s portfolio, but I could happily post her simple Drafter page as another favorite.
Love the mobile menu on it as well.
(and Stephanie’s tweet about it:

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