Issues with 'eleventy-cache-assets' utility

I’m using the ‘eleventy-cache-assets’ utility to retrieve API data from TMDB and place it in a cache. The JSON is successfully retrieved and stored in the cache. I can also use the Nunjucks dump filter to dump the full JSON to a page. However, I cannot run a for loop over the JSON content. It’s behaving as if the data does not exist.

I’ve shopped this question over on Stack Overflow but have been advised that I’m doing everything correctly.

If this is an inappropriate topic, be kind but send me on my way.

Hi @finallycanuck, I went over to stack overflow to look at the code. Do the following work?

    {% for film in films.films.results %}
        <li>{{ film["original_title"] }}</li>
    {% else %}
        <li>This displays if the 'films' collection were empty</li>
    {% endfor %}