Learn Eleventy From Scratch is LIVE - now I am back in here to hang out :)

Sorry I have been a bit absent from here recently. I got face deep is getting the course written and published. It literally consumed my life!

I will spend more time in here now, and I will especially be around for questions about the course

Here it is, if you missed me going on about it all week: https://piccalil.li/course/learn-eleventy-from-scratch/

There’s some cool content coming soon on the site, including lots of CUBE CSS stuff, so there will be plenty for us all to discuss.

Take it easy :heart:


Looking forward to it! :nerd_face:

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I’ve just finished my client’s website, with 11ty of course: https://www.teorana.com/

Now I was excited to start the course and just got a new urgent website to make :sob::sob::sob:.

It should be quick though and after that, I will be free this summer to finally dive into your course :wink:.

Until now I’ve been using 11ty with a mix of Tailwind CSS, CSS variables and some of your Every Layout tips and logic.

I have my logic with all of this and it works well but I’d like a fresh start and I think Cube CSS could improve my workflow too.

Can’t wait :wink:

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