Lesson 31 - Deleting image passthrough

First of all, I just finished Learn Eleventy From Scratch and am immensely grateful for it. As a UX designer who is mostly frontend-literate but a bit old-school, I was thrilled by the breadth of subject matter. Getting acquainted with Eleventy was my main objective β€” and you handily checked that box for me β€” but I did not expect to also get such a satisfying re-calibration in frontend techniques focused on clean programming, performance, and accessibility. Thank you! :pray:

Having just finished a few minutes ago, I wanted to share one quick moment that threw me for a loop. In the final lesson, there is an instruction to delete the image passthrough in .eleventy.js and β€œreplace” it with a bit of config related to HTML minification. In the moment, it felt like I was replacing an apple with an orange, and that I risked losing an important piece of functionality. After chewing on it for a little while and reviewing previous lessons, I understood (I hope!) that config.addPassthroughCopy('./src/images/'); had actually become obsolete back in Lesson 21, when we set up the Gulp image task. If my conclusion about that is correct, I’d recommend either relocating Lesson 31’s deletion instruction to Lesson 21, or just adding a bit more explanation in Lesson 31.

Thank you again for such an excellent course!

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That’s useful feedback, thank you. It’s a sort of housekeeping exercise that bit, but I totally understand how it could be confusing.

Really glad you enjoyed the course!!