Maybe a good idea for an eleventy site

I had an idea for a small site that might be handy for developers, particularly newbies. I think it would be a great candidate for an open source eleventy site that I could build for learning purposes. I thought I would post the idea here to get feedback in case this sort of thing already exists:

So I’ve been using a lot of software related to 3D as well as VScode etc and they all have a tonne of keyboard shortcuts which I struggle to remember. The shortcuts for a lot of commands are sometimes strewn across documentation, so rather than bothering to look them up in the docs, I will sometimes google it and get a hit, but more often than not I will just continue to use the ole mouse and searching through menus approach. :upside_down_face:

So I thought, “right, time to properly learn these” so I was going to start keeping a simple note of them as I look them up, but then I had a brainwave. What if I made a site with a searchable list of all the most common shortcuts for these apps. Then any time I use one, by selecting it I will add it to my own personal list of shortcuts. This would mean, I eventually build up a list of the commands I struggle to remember into a visible cheatsheet sort of thing. By sorting the commands into categories and tagging them it should be easy to find what am looking for. I could add some common english descriptions of the commands so that they can be searched for just by saying something like “VScode peek definition” or “Blender merge vertices” etc

I was thinking I could use local storage to allow other people to use the site to create their own wee personalized lists of keyboard shortcuts that they struggle to remember. A no sign up PWA sort of thing that will work if they don’t clear browser data.

I plan to store the data in a spreadsheet and parse it as csv at the beginning. Later I could maybe add a form to the site so that if anybody knows of some good shortcuts that are missing or need updating they can suggest them to be added.

I was thinking the site would also be a good template for other types of personalized lookup/cheat sheet things. Like maybe one for quickly finding git commands or other command line stuff.

What do you reckon? Would this be useful to anyone other than myself? Is there anything like that out there someplace already? I will maybe build it anyway :smile:

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This sounds like an ace idea!! Some real progressive enhancement opportunities too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok am gonna make it. Started planning the basic set up in figma. Think I will give each app it’s own url and maybe add a slug for categories. That will make it easy to link to sets of hotkeys from other websites. Just in case some open source projects like the site and want to link to it from their own docs. Just thinking ahead in case this actually sees some wider use.


Sounds like a great idea, and a really fun project too. Good luck!


I can’t wait to see it, Richard!

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