Migrating from WordPress

I like to start migrating away from WordPress. I have been putting it off for a while. Every day I get an email from WordFence ( a WP plugin) telling me yet another !#$%^&^% who has tried to illegally login

Of course, I like to put my new learned knowledge of 11ty into use.

I have more or less decided the following parameters:

  1. 11ty (of course)
  2. a GitHub private repository hosting all my private changes for both theme and content, drafts, etc
  3. a GitHub public repository hosting only public changes (such as version history of content) and comments for blogposts
  4. minimal theming as in simply black words on white background
  5. migrate my top 4 posts (I have not been blogging consistently at all) only
  6. Maintain the same google lighthouse score after migrating for these 4 posts

So given these parameters, I’m considering the following plan:

  1. which lessons in the 11ty course can I apply with minimal changes? I’m thinking maybe take lesson 11, 12, 13, and 14 but remove all the stylings?
  2. Prime worry is parameter 4 on the theming. The rest I feel a confidence of > 60%
  3. Should I get the every layout course as well? https://every-layout.dev/

Any thing in my plan I miss out in terms of considerations? Are my parameters sensible?

My background is more backend developer. Zero design sensibilities. So any advice is welcome.

Thank you


I never made this kind of migration but here are 2 posts that could help you:

How To Migrate From WordPress To The Eleventy Static Site Generator

12 Things I Learned After Converting Wordpress Sites to Eleventy

Best regards

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I guess I have to spend some time reconciling what I learn from the 11ty course and what these blogposts cover

Both posts seem to recommend a starter template and netlify for hosting

What I do is download the files at the end of lesson 21 because that has the blog setup, some base remote data setup and all the gulp stuff for your front-end.

I’m not sure how to achieve content split over multiple repos tbh. I tend to keep things as simple as possible, but I’m sure there’s a way!

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Thank you @hankchizljaw

So you would recommend netlify as well?