Next tutorial on Piccalilli

I’m gonna write a CSS tutorial next week on What do you wanna learn?

Option 1: Gimme some CUBE goodness
Option 2: Cascade and specificity
Option 3: Combinator selectors

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Option 4: All of the above? :stuck_out_tongue:

All of these sound helpful, but I think I would like to learn more about cascade and specifity :v:

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I’m going all-in on CUBE on my current project, so would love to hear more about structuring projects, especially at larger scales.

On the Learn Eleventy from Scratch course you add some code inline in the main Sass file, some via partials, and some as separate CSS files that get loaded per page. I’d be interested in learning more about your decision-making process on what to put where.


Gimme some CUBE CSS goodness please pal!

Y’all have been heard. It’s a CUBE CSS tutorial on how to build a bank/dashboard ui with transactions etc. There’s a separate example about art direction and CUBE coming up soon, too!