Resources worth checking out

Hi, I’m a JS developer who is actively working on improving my frontend knowledge and trying to deepen my understanding. I’ve recently gone through Every Layout & Eleventy from Scratch which have been really good.

Sometimes I find it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff with there being so much content online. Does anyone else have some more suggestions on other courses/articles/books that contain quality information?


Tutorials etc


Anything by A Book Apart or published by Smashing Magazine is worth buying


Thank you for supporting both Every Layout and the Eleventy course too!!

Happy to! It’s great content!

Thanks for these links. Looks like I’ve got plenty to be getting on with :slight_smile:

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You may find this resource useful

The last few months I have also been using and I have learnt so much and highly recommend checking it out.


I have them all and have read all but two and will +1 that. Nothing from SM, but I hear those a great books as well.