Time to Shut Down Myself

I had taken yesterday, after a completely crap day, to let friends know that I’ll be taking some time off the tech platform entirely and completely unplugging.

It culminated in my turning in my resignation at work, in which I was badgered all day yesterday even though the higher up’s did not read my email. I won’t speculate why, but the lack of respect was my guess.

Anyway, @hankchizljaw I wanted to say what a bang-up job you’re doing and have done from following you with what you’re doing for the community. I have got to decompress for my mental health sake before I explode. I didn’t go on Twitter at all yesterday, and today I am tying up some loose ends before unplugging.

Stay safe, be well and you & your families will get through this. I’ll be back, most definitely, but don’t let what’s going on drive you to the brink. Talk to someone if you find yourself where I am at. See you all soon.

— T


I’m sorry to hear this, Todd. I hope you can take some time to like you say, decompress.

We’ll all be here waiting for you!

Take it easy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t know if you’ll see this, but all the best to you. It can get so overwhelming So quickly online. I hope some time away helps you get yourself more grounded for a while.

See you when you return.


Took the weekend and went into the woods. Shut down all tech and it felt good to be away for a couple days. I had to make some changes, my morning routine I had to get back on track with and did so.

Hope that funk I was in will be the last for awhile anyway. Thanks both for your kind comments @hankchizljaw @pushtodev I appreciate them.

Now time to go on a John Wick-like rampage across the internet for all this accessibility garbage I read about how it’s getting worse. I don’t know how (well, no I have a good idea actually) it happened but it did.

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Glad to have you back around, buddy :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Andy. Trying to wake up early enough have have some video chats with folks over in your neighborhood on Whereby, which seems to be a suitable Zoom replacement until they can get their shit together, or sink in it.

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Really digging whereby, personally. Zoom have been utter creeps for a long time.

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