To AMP, or not to AMP?

AMP claims :

AMP is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money.

Should I still commit to AMP (separate AMP and HTML gen runs from 11ty) ?
As discussed here :

Or is 11ty enough for the “… fast, user-first, …” parts ?

Exclude “… makes money …” for AMP and for HTML/11ty.

IMO the only purpose of AMP is SEO because Google have decided to prioritise that content.

It’s plagued with accessibility issues, so I will always say that unless there’s a need to rank very high in the search carousel, it’s just not worth using.


That’s why I mentioned to forget about “… makes money …”. Ranking/SEO is not my priority. It’s like mistery meat to me anyway.

I will try to find out more about the accessibility issues which you mentioned.
Did’t realise that. Thanks.

This is a really useful article


Thanks. I’m reading it after dinner.

I’ve read it. And its linked content. It comes across like WAI-ARIA was not included from the start in the decision-making, and maybe (just maybe) as an afterthought by half-hearted attempt. I’m just guessing of course, and wonder if this is repairable at all. I sure hope so.

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I really hope it is, but I’ll also believe it when I see it!

Ha ha. You’re right.