To AMP, or not to AMP?

AMP claims :

AMP is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money.

Should I still commit to AMP (separate AMP and HTML gen runs from 11ty) ?
As discussed here :

Or is 11ty enough for the “… fast, user-first, …” parts ?

Exclude “… makes money …” for AMP and for HTML/11ty.

IMO the only purpose of AMP is SEO because Google have decided to prioritise that content.

It’s plagued with accessibility issues, so I will always say that unless there’s a need to rank very high in the search carousel, it’s just not worth using.


That’s why I mentioned to forget about “… makes money …”. Ranking/SEO is not my priority. It’s like mistery meat to me anyway.

I will try to find out more about the accessibility issues which you mentioned.
Did’t realise that. Thanks.

This is a really useful article


Thanks. I’m reading it after dinner.

I’ve read it. And its linked content. It comes across like WAI-ARIA was not included from the start in the decision-making, and maybe (just maybe) as an afterthought by half-hearted attempt. I’m just guessing of course, and wonder if this is repairable at all. I sure hope so.

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I really hope it is, but I’ll also believe it when I see it!

Ha ha. You’re right.

I have had my fair share of problems and frustrations with AMP and I’m an advocate for writing performant HTML, CSS and Javascript before lifting another library to do it for me. Unfortunately, it’s a requirement in my job that we use it (for SEO “Top Stories”) but I will happily retire it when we can. Luckily, on 28th May this year Google announced, albeit quietly, that the AMP requirement for “Top Stories” will be removed in the future.

Yeh that’s really positive news. I think that will be a big reduction in AMP stuff over the next few years!

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I hope so. I have zero issues with Google using performance as an SEO benchmark as long as we web devs can choose how we handle performance and not be forced into using something we don’t want to. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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The purpose of AMP was to transform a terrifying news website industry where each page took 5 hours to load. It did its job, mostly, so you can now safely ignore it. Unless you are making a news site and want Google to present your site in a specific way.

No nothing to do with news. Thanks.

No. Absolutely not. This article says it all. No one is telling me how to build and optimize my sites. Not the big tech, not the dev down the road. Google can eff off down the highway.

I read the article. Great read.

This tickles to no end :